Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Ok, never mind, DEFCON1 again

So it was right all along, phew

That was just my display name, not my username, I CAN FIX THIS!


Hey, guess what i just noticed, i made a typo, DARN.  My username is supposed to be AlmightyLinuxGod, just like every thing else, but i ruaned it!  Ah well, this is gonna be tough to remember!

Cool ... I have a blog!

I keept reading about these things in wired and stuff.  My guess was that blogging would be like live joruraling, and in some ways it is.  But i thought this would be a new and fun experiance.  Its also a place to talk about *buub buub ba da* ACTIVEPROXY!  Which is where acxprx comes from, you can remotely see ACtive(x caus its cool)PRoXy.  Maybe i will use it as a new screen name, its sounds cool doesnt it... right... maybe.  I will think about it later.  O, this guy just randomly sends me an instant message, aperantly he found my email on the web, creepy.  Well im just gonna block him, hes boring and wierd.  O and what do you think i would be doing at this hour awake?  I am despratly looking for a gMail account *whine*  Lets see how lucky i am!